Executive Development

You are at the top of your game.  You are a leader.  You are expected to have great communication skills and to be able to speak publicly in any context at a moment’s notice.  Can you?  With the help of our expert training we will give you the skills that you need to cope with any situation whether it be a pitch to a banker, a radio interview or addressing a shareholders’ meeting.  Let us know what your specific needs are and we will devise a training programme just for you.

Confidence Coaching

Confidence is the key.  We give coaching classes on building your inner confidence.  If you are confident and have self belief you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

Public Speaking

This valuable skill is often most feared by even the most confident.   Don’t be a rabbit in the headlights!  Learn the right approach with our expert help.  Learn how to write a script that will maximise the impact of your story.  Learn how to use your voice and your body language to most effectively deliver your message.  Whether you are making a speech at a conference or a wedding we can help you perform at your very best.

Media Training

Are you going to be appearing on television or being interviewed on radio?  You’re there to tell your story – sell your product – deliver your message.  Don’t waste the opportunity!  Our communications team has collectively over 60 years of radio and television presentation experience.  Everyone has an agenda – make sure it’s your agenda that’s winning out! Be best prepared to make best use of these opportunities with our help.

Video for Website production

We provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for video production for your website – the ultimate way to communicate effectively with your customers.  See dedicated video production page for more details

Presentation Skills

Are you making a presentation?  Perhaps you’re making a presentation to investors? Or to a bank? Or to shareholders?   How you present yourself in these situations will determine your success or failure.  Many of these occasions are one-chance scenarios.  We will help you maximise your impact with PowerPoint, script and delivery.

TV Presenter Training

From time to time we run intensive training course in television presentation.  These courses involve scripting for TV, talking to camera, using autocue and developing your interviewing skills. Please visit Courses to book our next course.

Image Consultancy

People judge the book by the cover!  How you look will often determine how you are perceived.  You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Job Interview Training

The single most important factor in any job interview is to sell yourself.  We will help you prepare for that all-important interview and make sure that you stand out in the crowd.

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